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Sudeep Nagarkar 4 Books ePub mobi pdf

If you are looking for some romantic novels to read, you might want to check out the books by Sudeep Nagarkar, a bestselling author from India. Sudeep Nagarkar has written 12 novels so far, and four of them are available in ePub, mobi and pdf formats. Here are the details of these four books:

  • It Started with a Friend Request: This is a true modern love story about Akash, a conservative guy who meets Aleesha, a bubbly girl, at a disco and exchanges their Blackberry pins. They soon become friends and then fall in love. But their relationship faces many challenges due to their different backgrounds, family issues and misunderstandings. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and stay together? You can find out by reading this book in ePub, mobi or pdf format [here].

  • You're the Password to My Life: This is another true story based on the friendship and love of Virat and Kavya, who are inseparable since childhood. They share everything with each other, from secrets to dreams. But when Virat falls in love with Manvi, a girl from his college, things start to change. Kavya feels left out and jealous, and Manvi feels insecure and suspicious. Will Virat be able to balance his friendship and love? Will Kavya and Manvi accept each other? You can read this book in ePub, mobi or pdf format [here].

  • She Swiped Right into My Heart: This is a contemporary love story about three friends, Geet, Shibani and Rudra, who have different views on love and relationships. Geet is a tomboy who hates the idea of online dating. Shibani is a fashionista who loves to swipe right on Tinder. Rudra is a nerd who believes in arranged marriage. When Geet meets Rishi, a guy who swiped right on Shibani's profile, she feels an instant connection. But she soon realizes that Rishi is not what he seems to be. Will Geet be able to trust him? Will Shibani forgive her for stealing her match? Will Rudra find his perfect partner? You can download this book in ePub, mobi or pdf format [here].

  • All Rights Reserved for You: This is a personal story of the author himself, who narrates his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Janhavi. They met online and fell in love, but they had to face many challenges due to the distance, time difference and communication gaps. They also had to deal with their families, friends and careers. How did they manage to keep their love alive despite all the odds? How did they overcome the misunderstandings and fights? How did they celebrate their special moments? You can read this book in ePub, mobi or pdf format [here].

These are the four books by Sudeep Nagarkar that you can read in ePub, mobi or pdf formats. If you like these books, you can also check out his other novels on his [Goodreads page]. Sudeep Nagarkar is known for his realistic and relatable stories that touch the hearts of his readers. He has won several awards for his writing, such as the Youth Achievers' Award in 2013 and the Crossword Popular Choice Award in 2016. He is also a motivational speaker who inspires young people to follow their dreams.


We hope you enjoy reading these books by Sudeep Nagarkar and share your feedback with us.


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